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Work with NOVA TV PRODUCTS/ PRODUCTIONS in one of 3 ways: (See portfolio of our work at bottom of this page)


We buy your products & sell them to our TV network partners & retailers globally.

We buy at distributor pricing/ wholesale & sell at wholesale or retail price depending on our accounts.

We agree to honor your MAP policy & agree to a pre determined account list we will sell to.

We create our own marketing & sales materials, videos, pitch decks, photos, sales processes, trade show attendance which we keep in house.

We handle all warehousing, shipping and fulfillment ourselves through our 3rd party logistics and fulfillment partner in California USA.

We provide training, support, education, event support & merchandising to all accounts.

We purchase your products monthly to start then quartlerly and scale as our accounts grow.

We may also secure investors to present offers to you & your brand.

We may work with TV focused investor groups.

We Offer monthly partnership agreements whereby we create a specific amount of marketing & sales materials for you monthly, then present to specific TV & retail accounts Globally.

You keep all marketing materials, videos, photos, websites, social media content, model endorsements, sales videos, results photos, testimonials, lifestyle imagery and presentation decks to utilize in your sales initiatives.

We provide advising, sales initiatives, daily sales updates, weekly sales & marketing materials, weekly in depth reports, sales updates.

Weekly Sales & Marketing Advising calls.

We assist you and your team in 
building your internal sales processes, building your sales accounts lists from our 3,000+ TV & Retail accounts & we support you in securing & maintaining TV & retail account partnerships.

We may also secure TV product focused investor meetings if desired.

Accounts include: Sephora, Ulta, Urban Outfitters, QVC, HSN, SHOP HQ, TVSN, Spas, Wellness Centers, Retailers etc. *** All account partnerships are not guaranteed however
our success rate is high.



a.     Monthly TV Sales Pitch Program $2000 monthly plus commission on sales secured: We Pitch you to top 5 TV Networks Advising calls bi weekly, support with paperwork & onboarding interested accounts, introductions, sales list building, weekly in depth reports 


b.     Monthly TV & Spa & Retail Sales Pitch Program $2800 monthly plus commission on sales secured: We Pitch you to top 12 TV networks + 300 Spa/ Retail accounts. Advising calls bi weekly, support with paperwork & onboarding interested accounts, introductions, sales list building, weekly in depth reports weekly


c.     Beauty Queen Endorsement mini commercial/ video & photos $1,800: Ms United States 2021 Joanna Trailov or Mrs. International 2021 Lauren Thompson: Brand endorsement video/ commercial with product demos,  sales points, efficacy & results demo. Filmed in spa or on location


d.     Skincare Expert Testimonial & Brand Endorsement mini commercial/ video & photos $1,200: TV Host, Product Developer, Esthetician, Holistic practitioner, Researcher, Author, Skincare Expert including Victoria


e.     Exotic travel product feature photos $800: Photo total of 300 per location (Egypt, Mexico, Hawaii, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Redwood Forests, Snow Mountains etc.)


f.      Before after photos $1,500: set of 12 (with 3 models)


g.     TV pitch video/ TV shopping commercial $1,800: with Victoria TV host, Beauty Queens, Skincare Experts, Product Developers, Researchers, models, Drs/ Chemists or Facialists


h.     TV pitch deck $1,800: All models, imagery, graphic design, content, sales points, videos, results photos & endorsements included see examples of decks attached


i.      Social Media Content $300 - $600 per set of 10 images/ short videos/ demos: Beauty Queen, Skin Care expert, Esthetician, Product Developer, Influencer Photos/ promo videos/ testimonials/ sales pitch videos 


j.      Social Media Management & daily update $1,200 monthly: Targeted growth (Our account @TheTruthWeSeek acquired 10,000 followers organically in 1-2 months) content, promos, tips and advice, lifestyle photos, product photos, behind the scenes, model endorsements etc. (photos included).


k.     Product photography $1,000: 300 photos with different themes/ backgrounds/ models/ props


l.      Lifestyle model/ beauty queen & in action photography $1,000: 300 photos with different themes/ backgrounds/ models


m.   Product demo videos $1,000: with results, promotional video etc with Product Developer, Skincare Expert, Esthetician or Beauty Queen


n.     TV Hosting $2,500: per 1-2 shows (or set of shows in one air date) plus 1%-5% commission on sales


o.     Advising Calls $250 per hour: advising/ strategy/ product development/ sales meetings/ contract negotiation/ brand representation in sales meetings, marketing, sales, design, meetings with TV producers, Buyers etc.


p.     Tradeshow Sales $600-800: In person tradeshow sales & support per day


q.     Modeling & Spokes Modeling $1000- $3,000: per shoot, per events, or per day modeling / videos photos spokes modeling etc. professional spokes Models, or Skincare Expert, Aesthetician, Product Developer of all ethnicities, or Ms United States 2021, Beauty Queens etc.


r.      Website Creation $1800- $6,000: Professional fully integrated with drop shipping, website, branding, design, product uploading, descriptions, content & videos


s.     Website Update & Management: $200 per hour or $1,000 monthly, new content, descriptions, images, design, videos etc.


t.      Email Marketing Creation $600 per: Email marketing content created in all marketing platforms & programs, targeting, list cleaning, headline testing, content, graphic design, videos, sales etc.


u.     New Product Development $1,500 per new product: Includes mock ups, labs sources, images, ingredients, labels, bottles & 4 filled completed samples.


v.     New Brand Development & Creation $12,000: Includes 3 to 8 products, target market and competitive analysis, business plan, advising calls, presentation sales decks, product samples filled labeled completed, graphic design mock ups, product photography, model photos, lifestyle photos, brochure, gift bags, results photos, sales plan, website design, social media creation & plan, PR plan, Press Releases, TV plan & warehousing/ fulfillment resources.


w. Brochure creation: $1,200 per 8 page brochure or 8 sides of insert cards/ marketing 


x. Shipping Program Set Up/ training & Support: $1,200 per program and monthly for ongoing support/ management: Training, set up, management, paperwork completion, integration with shipping & fulfillment.

y. PR/ Press Release Creation & submission to News Wires 2,000+ Media: $1,500 per release

z. TV Producer/ Investor/ On Air Host Meetings & Advising calls: $250 per hour with producers at top TV networks

AA. Amazon Account page set up and sales support: $3,000 for set up and Amazon custom page creation, documentation support and approvals, listings and 20 reviews per product, imagery etc. Ongoing Amazon support is $1,000 monthly.

*** All account partnerships are not guaranteed however our success rate is high.


As with all sales efforts, there is a learning curve determining the best way to present your brand, book or products with the highest conversion rate.

Success in our experience comes to those who are relentless, never give up & continually adapt and press onward!

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